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Why Restoring Your Chimney Is So Important To Your Home

Having an old chimney on top of your roof means that you should probably occasionally have the chimney inspected. If the chimney is still part of a fireplace system, you should definitely have it inspected. If the chimney ever needs restoration, you should not ignore it. Here is why chimney restoration is imperative. 


A chimney that is falling apart can fall from the roof and land on someone's head. Even if just a couple of bricks come loose from the chimney, those bricks could fall on someone and cause serious injury. If the bricks fall on someone else's property, such as their garage, their car, or something else valuable, you would be held liable to pay for the damages. 

Another safety angle is the fact that a chimney in disrepair is not safe to pass smoke through. The smoke will not travel upward, and a lot of the ashes from burning wood may be trapped in the obvious cracks in the chimney. This can cause fires and smoke damage to your home. 

Restoring Functionality

If your chimney is still attached to a functional fireplace, you want to be able to use the fireplace. However, as previously mentioned, a damaged chimney reduces a fireplace's ability to vent to the sky. Enough ash and creosote built up in the damage cracks of the chimney could set the house on fire, too. When you want to be able to use your fireplace regularly, the chimney has to function as expected, and it cannot do that unless you restore it. 

Passing Inspection

Before a buyer will purchase your home, he or she will generally request that a home and building inspector take a look around. If your chimney is falling apart, the building inspector will inform the buyer of this disrepair. The buyer can then insist that you either fix this before the buyer makes an offer, or the buyer will simply walk away to find another house that will pass inspection. Restoring the chimney gives you a better chance at passing an inspection and selling your home quickly, which is what you would want under those conditions. 

Additionally, some cities have fire codes. Fire inspectors arrange to inspect fireplaces and chimneys annually in keeping with city and/or state fire hazard ordinances. Homeowners that do not pass inspection can face steep fines. You may get a few weeks to complete the restoration and repair, but it has to pass the second time or you will be fined.