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Why Plastic Roofing Is A Smart Choice Over An Indoor Pool Room

If you're building an addition onto your home that will house an indoor pool, there are several elements to think about. Many of these will relate to the look of the space — for example, you might choose plenty of windows to allow the circulation of air, and you may want a certain type of pool deck material that will resist mildew. You'll also need to think about some elements that relate to the construction of this space, including how you'll approach the roof over the pool room. Speak to a local roofing contractor to learn about which materials are best. He or she may advocate the use of plastic roofing for these reasons.

It Allows Light To Pass Through

While plastic roofing panels are available in a multitude of colors, clear is also an option that may be intriguing to you. This type of material can be perfect for the roof over an indoor pool room, as they'll allow some natural light to flow into the space. While clear plastic roofing panels aren't quite as clear as window glass, they can still give you a favorable look overhead while you swim. You'll be able to enjoy the blue sky above your house during daytime swims and the night moon during evening swims when you choose this type of roofing material.

It Works Well On Flat Roofs

When you're building a pool room that attaches to your home, you obviously want to keep construction costs under control. The cost of the pool itself can be a lot, so looking for cost-affordable options for the building around the pool is always a good choice. Building a flat roof — or, more aptly, one that has a slight angle to allow water to flow off it — is a common way to save money for residential additions. This is because you'll avoid the cost and installation time of traditional roof trusses. Plastic roofing panels work well on flat roofs, so this can be a good idea for your addition.

It Can Create A Pleasing Visual Effect

Swimming in an indoor pool on a rainy day can be fun because you know the weather would limit your ability to enjoy this activity outdoors. When you have a plastic roof over your indoor pool — and especially if you choose one that is clear or semi-transparent — you'll get to enjoy a pleasing visual effect. Plastic roof panels are generally ridged, which means that the rainwater will flow through the troughs between the ridges and off the roof. In a sense, it can feel as though you're under a waterfall as you swim indoors.

Reach out to a home roofing service to learn more about your options.