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Uses For Decorative Landscaping Rocks

Decorative rocks can be an important part of your landscaping designs. However, incorporating these items into your landscaping will require you to have an informed understanding of the ways that decorative rocks can be used in landscaping along with the benefits that it can provide.

Reduce Erosion

Erosion can be one of the main issues that your landscaping might encounter. When erosion starts to become a problem, it can may it extremely difficult to grow plants, and the uncovered soil may be more prone to washing away. Decorative rocks can be an effective option for addressing the erosion as they will allow you to cover the soil so that it will not wash away. Despite the effectiveness for addressing erosion with these rocks, you will still need to monitor this area of the yard to ensure that the problem does not return. Otherwise, the erosion issue may return and be severe enough to disturb the decorative rocks. By checking this area on a regular basis, you can correct any decorative rocks that may have become misaligned or that are failing to provide protection.

Provide Aesthetically Pleasing Edging

Edging can allow you to keep your flower beds separate from the rest of your lawn or landscaping. However, many of the standard options for edging for these beds will be dull, uninspired, or even unsightly. Depending on the landscaping design and look that you are hoping to achieve, standard edging may compromise the appearance of your yard. Decorative rocks can be extremely effective and aesthetically pleasing edging for flower beds. When installing decorative stone edging, you will need to provide a wider and deeper trench to accommodate the wider girth that decorative stones will have.

Use As Coverage For Bare Areas

Unfortunately, there are often some areas of a property that may simply fail to support the plant life that you are wanting to grow. Usually this is due to a lack of top soil. Without this soil, it would be far more difficult or even impossible to be able to get a plant to germinate in these conditions. For these situations, decorative rocks can be the quickest and most cost-effective option for quickly covering these areas so that erosion will not start to develop. For the most convenient and effective option, you may want to opt for decorative gravel. Also, this gravel should be at least an inch deep to provide protection against erosion or other problems you might encounter.