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What Happens When Your Sump Pump Is Inspected By A Professional

Sump pumps are one of the many parts of your home which should be inspected on a yearly basis by a certified professional. After you have the sump pump installed, make sure you get it inspected on a yearly basis. When you get it inspected, it is helpful to know what the inspector should be doing.

#1 Check the Size of the Pit

Sump pumps are made to fit inside of pits. Water runs into these pits and is collected there until it is pumped out of the pit by the pump. This pit needs to be a specific size for your pump to work properly. The inspector will check the size of the pump and make the hole has retained the right dimensions.

#2 Verify the Functionality of the Check Valve

This valve is ensures once your sump pump is turned off, water doesn't make it back into the hole. You don't want the pit filling with water once the pump is turned off because the pump failed to keep the water out of the holding area. An inspector will verify the check valve is still working correctly.

#3 Check the Secondary Power Source

A sump pump is something you use in an emergency. It is something you use when there are heavy rains which are flooding your home. In this type of situation, your power could go out as well. That is why your sump pump should have a back-up source of power to ensure it works when you really need it.

If you have a generator, the inspector will check the generator to make sure that it is working properly with your pump. If you have a back-up battery, the inspector will make sure it is working properly with your pump.  

#4 Check the Alarm

Next, the inspector will check the alarm. The alarm is activated when the sump pump starts. The alarm lets you know that your sump pump is working, which means the area where your sump pump is located at is flooding. The alarm can allow you to take other protective action from flood waters.

#5 Inspect the Cover

Finally, the inspector will check the cover on the sump pump. The sump pump cover is important. The cover helps prevent water side the pit from making the basement too humid through the constant evaporation of water from the pit. The cover should allow water to collect, but not escape, the area.

A sump pump is a tool you only need to use in an emergency, but when an emergency occurs, you want it to work correctly. A certified inspector will make sure your new pump continues to function correctly for an extended period time.