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A Look At The Common Uses Of Industrial Coatings

In manufacturing processes, the finishes that are applied to products are often just as important as the products being manufactured, and industrial coatings can serve several different purposes. Take a look at some of the different uses for industrial coatings in manufacturing processes. 

They are used to protect the material underneath.

One of the most common reasons manufactured pieces are covered with some type of industrial coating in the form of a polymer is to protect the material underneath the coating. For example, certain types of steel corrode easily when is exposed to moisture or certain elements. Therefore, industrial coating processes will be used to make sure the steel does not corrode. Many types of metals used in manufacturing will have some type of coating in place, but so do a lot of plastics, wooden materials, and other materials.

They are used for aesthetic purposes. 

Some types of industrial coatings are put in place on items simply to enhance the way that they look. There are multiple types of industrial coatings used for aesthetic purposes, but powder coating is probably one of the most popular ways to add a layer of color to a manufactured piece. For example, bicycles, appliances, and heavy machinery often have powder-coated finishes to make them a certain color. Unlike with other types of industrial coating and painting, powder coating involves using a highly pigmented dust that is cured in place by putting the piece in a heated oven. 

They are used to make items fire- or heat-resistant. 

In some applications, industrial coatings are used specifically to protect something from fire or heat. Heat and fire protection is important in an array of different manufacturing processes. For example, engine components may be coated in the manufacturing process with polymers that will prevent the parts from being damaged by heat because the engine generates heat, and it can be damaging for some parts to get hot. Fire or heat-resistant industrial coatings are specifically formulated with polymers that stand up well to high temperatures and are not flammable. 

They are used to offer a specific type of finish. 

Beyond aesthetics, coatings are sometimes used specifically for the purpose of adding a certain finish. For instance, a metal product may need a textured finish so it can be more easily gripped. In these cases, a coating formulated from a polymer and texture agents will be used to coat the product.