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Add A Custom Butcher Block Countertop To Your Farmhouse's Kitchen

If you are going to renovate your farmhouse's kitchen and are an avid cook who cuts, slices, and dices many ingredients needed to make homemade meals for your family, a custom butcher block countertop may be an addition that will benefit you greatly. A butcher block counter will add a traditional spin to your kitchen and the countertop's surface can contain a distinct pattern. 

Butcher Block Countertops Are Versatile And Resilient

Serious cooks need hardy materials when preparing food, especially if a counter is going to be used on a daily basis. A butcher block counter is strong, attractive, and often promotes a rustic appearance that will fit into the overall style of your farmhouse. You can select the type of pattern that is inlaid across the surface of the counter.

Have you ever seen a yellow and darkish-brown or black checkerboard pattern on a wooden counter or one that contains diagonal lines that are integrated with a lighter-colored wood? If so, you may want to incorporate one of these designs when choosing your custom countertop.

One way to ensure that your new preparation station stays intact is by requesting that the top of the counter is sealed after it is installed. A sealed wooden counter will repel stains and will prevent knicks and cuts from destroying the beauty of the new addition. 

You Can Choose The Dimensions And Additional Features

Your countertop doesn't need to be a specific size and if you are someone who often runs out of room when preparing dishes, think about going larger with the dimensions. As long as your farmhouse's kitchen can support the size of the new feature, there is no reason to limit yourself by settling with a counter that is a standard size.

Also, choose some features that will really come in handy while using the counter space. If you tend to be at a loss for kitchen tools that you need while in the middle of preparing meals, then choose a countertop design that contains a built-in cutlery and utensil holder.

If you choose a rather large countertop, but still are wary about needing additional space during times that you will be preparing many things at once, then choose a countertop that has a pull out cutting board included in its design.

There are a multitude of options for you to choose from when designing your countertop and all you need to do is discuss your needs to the contractor who is completing the construction and installation and they will lead you on the path that will result in you acquiring a beautiful and multifunctional counter space. 

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