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Features to Compare When Buying New Siding

Choosing new siding for your home requires research and careful thought because you want siding that's attractive, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. Each type of siding has its pros and cons, so here's a look at some features that may factor into your decision.

The Color of the Siding

Some siding, such as wood, requires painting. Other types of siding, like vinyl, have the color added when the siding is made. Color that's painted on has to be maintained over the life of the siding. You'll have to paint it every few years and repair bubbles and peeling paint. Color that's part of the siding itself never has to be painted. Your house stays the same color for the life of the siding. That's an advantage if you hate painting. It could be a disadvantage if you like to change your house color occasionally. While you can buy paint for vinyl siding, painting the siding could affect the warranty. So, if you think you'll change the color of your home in the future, consider a siding that can be painted.

The Durability of the Siding

Durable siding means fewer repairs from damage caused by storms or insects. Metal, vinyl, and fiber cement siding are durable options because they aren't bothered by insects. Wood, on the other hand, can attract a variety of damaging insects that bore into it or eat it and cause damage. Wood is also susceptible to damage from excess moisture, and it can rot or warp. Metal and fiber cement are good for fire protection and worth considering if you live in an area where brush fires are possible. Vinyl can't resist heat, but it doesn't rust or dent easily. Consider your local environment and the threats your siding will face when deciding what type of protection is best for your home.

Ease of Maintenance

Most siding will need to be washed occasionally to keep dirt and stains off of it, and some types of siding will need to be painted after several years, as was mentioned. The siding types vary when it comes to the amount of maintenance they need. Vinyl needs very little maintenance since the color goes through the siding. Scratches are nearly invisible. Fiber cement siding is painted. While it's durable, when the paint is scratched or chipped, it has to be filled in to maintain the appearance of the siding. Damaged areas on metal siding need to be repaired to prevent rust. Wood probably requires the most upkeep of all to repair areas deteriorated by decay and aging.

Discuss your siding options with a vinyl siding business like Allstate Gutter & Siding so you understand the pros and cons. If you enjoy home maintenance tasks and like to paint and make repairs, then you will most likely consider different options than someone who hates home improvement chores and wants siding that can be installed and forgotten.