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Do You Need New Gutters Installed? Here's Why Aluminum Might be the Right Choice

Gutters can last a long time, but they will wear out at some point. A storm can twist and dent metal or vinyl gutters, and steel gutters might rust and leak. You have a few choices in materials when it comes to new gutters for your home. Unless you might have a specific look you want that requires a certain material, you may want to choose aluminum. Aluminum gutters are popular because they have advantages over other materials. Here's a look at why you may want these gutters on your house.

Aluminum is Lighter than Other Types of Metal

When it comes to installing gutters, using lightweight metals has its advantages. Aluminum gutters are easier to work with when compared to heavier metal gutters, and that can help reduce labor time and cost. Additionally, aluminum gutters could be easier for you to maintain and repair in the coming years, since they will be easier to lift and reposition them if it's ever necessary.

Aluminum is Rust Resistant

The best thing about aluminum is that it doesn't rust like steel does. That means there is a lower risk of rust holes and leaks developing. Plus, rust makes your gutters look ugly unless you remove it and repair the metal. When you have aluminum gutters, you won't have to spend a lot of time repairing rust spots as your gutters age.

Aluminum Is More Durable Than Vinyl

Aluminum is stronger and more durable than vinyl. This makes aluminum a good choice when you want a durable and lightweight material. Vinyl can scuff, crack, and show stains, so it could potentially need a lot more maintenance than aluminum gutters.

While you'll still have to clean aluminum gutters out after the leaves fall in autumn, you'll have few concerns with repairing cracks and holes. Plus, aluminum gutters can be made with a portable machine that makes the troughs seamless. This further reduces the risk of them leaking.

Aluminum Gutters Are Attractive

Aluminum gutters are a popular choice, so they come in a variety of colors that allow you to pick the right match for your home. You can also paint aluminum gutters if you want to change the color at any time. You can even get aluminum gutters painted to look like much more expensive copper gutters. These add an element of luxury to your home.

Unless you just want the look of stainless steel, aged copper, or wood gutters, choosing aluminum gutters could be the best choice. They are a less expensive option and they're easy to install. Plus, aluminum is durable enough to last for many years while requiring little work to keep them in good shape. For more information on aluminum gutters, contact a gutter installation company like California Gutter Company INC.