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Asphalt Mistakes: Are You Ruining The Driveway?

Your new, glossy driveway is a financial investment that improves your property's curb appeal and protects your vehicle's tires. However, even if you're pleased with this new surface, some of your actions could, in fact, ruin it. Avoid these thoughtless asphalt errors.

Refusing Sealant

Residential sealcoating is the trusted practice of applying a sealant over the top layer of asphalt creations. If you tried to cut corners or save on the project, reconsider. A layer of good sealant will repel water, mud, ultraviolet rays and other substances. The additional protection is essential if you don't want to find yourself investing in another driveway too soon.

One sealcoating procedure isn't enough, either. The process will need repeating periodically. Your contractor can discuss sealants with you so scheduling repeated applications is simple.

Ignoring Debris

Debris like twigs and leaves will get typically ignored by everyone who uses the driveway. You may think they'll disintegrate eventually. However, leaves can trap water in place and that will take a while to drain. During that time, infiltration of the asphalt can occur. Clean debris and asphalt messes frequently.

Ignoring Cracks or Damage

Crack-filling and patching damaged areas shouldn't be ignored or waited on. Whenever the surface has been breached, however insignificantly, the focus should be on keeping rain water out and sealing up that area again. If not, further erosion and damage is possible.

Using Rock Salt

Rock salt is commonly used on doorsteps, stairs, walkways and driveways. However, used too much, it can affect asphalt just as it melts through snow or ice. If you're not sweeping rock salt away once it's done its job, you're risking damaging the driveway. Therefore, sweep as immediately as is possible. In fact, as an alternative, try some potassium chloride instead.

One Spot Parking

It's natural that you'll pull up to approximately the same exact spot every night when you arrive from work or come back from a grocery store trip. However, this can stress the asphalt's surface in that place. Your vehicle weighs a ton or more, and that's a lot of regular pressure. It wouldn't be unusual for cracks to originate in the area. Therefore, consciously decide to park all along the driveway over time to avoid higher stress in only one spot.

Avoiding these asphalt mistakes can prolong the surface life of your driveway. Your contractor likely has products and services they can recommend to preserve and handle the black top as well. Contact a company, like Stritar Construction & Tree Service, for more help.