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How To Restore Your Old Concrete Patio

If you've recently bought a house you love, but it has an ugly, cracked patio, you don't have to despair. It may not be necessary to rip it out and replace it with new concrete. A contractor can usually repair concrete slabs and make them look even better than new by adding dye and stamps. Here's what it entails.

Assess The Base

As long as the base under the patio is still compacted and in good shape, the concrete can probably be repaired. Even if there are a few slight depressions, the slab may be repairable. By repairing the patio, you can save money by avoiding the cost of busting up the old concrete and hauling it away. Cracks along the top are generally cosmetic. However, they can allow rain to sink into the base and cause shifting, so it's important to make sure the base is solid first.

Repair Damaged Areas

First, the concrete must be cleaned. This is easily done with a pressure washer. Then, cracks are filled in. Cracks and pits can be repaired with crack filler or with cement that is forced into the crack. If heaving has occurred where one side of the crack is taller than the other, the contractor may need to shave off some of the concrete from the higher side. Sunken areas can be repaired by pumping concrete slurry under the slab to raise it. This will keep water from puddling on the patio.

Resurface The Patio

Once the repairs are done, a new surface is applied to the patio. This involves spreading a new layer of concrete over the slab. During this process, the contractor can add color to the concrete or stamp patterns into it. This can turn an ordinary concrete slab into a patio that looks like it is made from slate or brick. However, if you prefer, you can choose to have a plain basic concrete patio. In either case, the finished product looks just like a new patio without the need and expense of tearing out the old one.

While concrete doesn't last forever, it can last a long time if you take care of it properly. You can pressure wash it occasionally to keep it free of dirt and stains, but the most important maintenance task you can do is to seal cracks when they are tiny. This is easy to do yourself and it keeps the cracks from spreading and getting wider. This not only keeps your patio looking nice, it helps prevent water damage. Contact a company, like Haas Construction, for more help.