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Quick Ways To Minimize Damage When You Have A Major Water Situation In Your Home

A busted plumbing pipe, a sudden seal failure in your washing machine, storm damage to your roof–all of these are examples of how your home could be in total danger of filling with water frighteningly fast. While your initial reaction will likely be to grab towels, reach for buckets, or even skip out and call for help, it is always a good idea to take as much control over the situation as possible right from the start. Minimizing water damage starts right when the situation begins. So make sure you keep this handy checklist in mind when you have a major water spill or leak inside of your home. 

1. Do what you can to stop the water at the source of the problem. - If you have a busted water line, turn off the main shut off valve. If your roof has been damaged during a storm, grab a tarp and a ladder and get the damaged covered as much as you can, but only if you can do so safely. Stopping the flow of water wherever it is originating from is your first line of defense against major water damage. 

2. Check for points of electrical contact and shut off breakers if necessary. - If water spills into your kitchen, shutt off the breaker to the room, the cookstove, the dishwasher, and any other electrical component that could come in contact with the water. When electricity and water combine, it can lead to disastrous reactions, including damaged appliances, electrical discharges, and even fire. 

3. Move cloth furniture to dry areas. - Your sofa, cushioned chairs, mattress, and any other cloth furniture pieces that will be ruined by water should be removed from the situation first. Even if these items can be salvaged after water has flooded your home, they can harbor hidden moisture particles and encourage mold growth down the road. Move the items to a dry space or get them off of the floor by stacking these pieces of furniture atop tables, desserts, or other water-resilient items. 

4. Contact a water clean up crew right away. - Once you have take the appropriate measures to control the water flow and get valuables and cloth items out of the way, there is no time to wait–call on a water clean up crew, such as Complete Restoration Services, right away to help you get rid of the water inside of your home. The longer you allow the water to stay inside, the more damage your home will sustain.