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Repairing And Enhancing Kitchen Plumbing

Clogged sinks and slow water flow is a problem that cripples many kitchens, but there are some improvements that can both reduce sink problems and even boost the way you use your kitchen. Whether you're dealing with a clog, slowly running water, or simply want to enhance your kitchen, here are a few improvements that a plumber could help with.

Before Any Clog Clearing, Get A Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are helpful, vital parts of the modern household, but not every home is equipped with one. Even if you already have a garbage disposal, you may want to question the model and function of the one you have as you take a look at potential benefits.

The main function of a garbage disposal is to render food waste into a water-mixed pulp that can move through the kitchen plumbing and out of your building's water system efficiently. This is achieved by a system of grinders and impellers (often incorrectly called blades) that both mash and grind the food waste and create a spinning vortex that sucks the waste through the plumbing system.

If your kitchen sink clogs and you don't have a garbage disposal, get it installed. Even if the problem wasn't specifically caused by a food clog, it's better to make at least a budget model choice to make your kitchen chores easier. If you already have a garbage disposal, speak with your plumber about additional features that aren't available on every model.

Garbage disposal units make things easier, but first time users often go through the initiation of putting in more than what the unit can handle. Higher capacity garbage disposals with more advanced grinders can achieve greater grinding potential, and there are many safety options such as requiring a switch to be held down that can be added. If you have small children, this can be helpful if hands enter the disposal entry and the switch is somehow touched. Damage may happen, but the immediate release of the switch reduces the amount of grinding time.

Install Efficient Pipe Forms

Do you live in an older home? Was your home quickly built, and are you sure of the plumbing layout? Pipe selection is an art and science that can be added at a bare minimum by rushing installation technicians, so you may want a plumber to check on your building's layout.

The point of modern plumbing is to not only create an exit path, but to create an efficient exit path. This means that the water and waste doesn't just stop halfway through the process, because suction created by air movement adds additional push to the waste.

A plumber can gauge the efficiency of your plumbing with a few quick looks, and the replacement can be done by simply ordering better pipe shapes and materials and performing the installation. Contact a plumber to discuss other improvements, whether you need repair or just a better way to handle kitchen chores at the sink.

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