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Did You Buy Several Rental Properties? Do The Lawn Service And Snow Removal On Your Own

If you have some rental properties that are all lined up next to each other, and you are wondering what you'll need to care for the property properly, there are some key items you need to have. You want to be able to care for the property in the winter and in the summer, and you want the properties to look great so you can maintain their value as the property owner. Here are a few of the things you want to purchase for your new properties.

Riding Lawn Mower

A riding lawn mower allows you to get across the several properties you have quickly when you need to get the lawns mowed, and it allows you to have great-looking properties when you are done. You'll also want to trim and blow the grass off the sidewalks, because the better your grass looks, the better your property looks, and the more you can get when you want to lease the properties.

Snow Plow

If you have a riding lawn mower you should be able to get a snow plow to go on the front of it during the winter. This way you can plow the driveways for the tenants, and you can also do the sidewalks and walkways without a lot of hassle. Also make sure that you have salt for the walkways so everyone can get where they need to be safely and you don't have to worry about slip and falls. For information about attaching a plow to your riding mower, talk to a company like Countryside Welding.

Fertilizer Spreader

The fertilizer spreader will be good for you to fertilize the grass every spring when the snow melts and the grass looks unhealthy, and you can also use this machine to spread salt in the winter. These are also small and easy for you to store in a garage or to transport in a vehicle if needed.

You need to have all the proper items to care for a lawn when you are a rental property owner, and your tenants will expect that that their lawns look great since they are paying to live in your space. Make sure that you get these things so you can easily keep up on the properties on your own if you don't want to pay a commercial company to come do the work for you. These are just a few of the things you can do to make the grass and yard look great, and to keep the properties safe in the winter.