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Sewer Cleaning 101: A Closer Look For Business Owners

As the owner of a business, some aspects of maintenance naturally become more pressing because of the constant flow of people on the premises. This is especially true when it comes to maintenance. While the average residential property may not have to deal with sewer maintenance but every few years or so, your restaurant property will likely have to call on a local sewer cleaning company for attention or help at least annually, and sometimes more than that. Therefore, it is good to get to know a few facts about sewer cleaning on business properties in general. Here are a few helpful tidbits to remember about sewer cleaning in your restaurant business.

You may have to have sewer cleaning performed more frequently during rainy months. 

The months of the year which involve the highest levels of precipitation where you live will often mean more frequent visits from the sewer cleaning company at your restaurant. During rainy weather, debris tends to get washed into sewer drainage systems and can create clogs or flow issues from your place of business. This is a big reason why many business owners wait until the rainy season to have the annual maintenance check performed by a sewer cleaning service. 

Most sewer cleaning services use a combination of cleaning methods. 

The most capable sewer cleaning services that cater to business customers don't just use one method of cleaning the sewer like they would on a residential property with a basic septic tank. Instead, they use a full list of techniques to perform the overall cleaning process. For example, you may call up one sewer cleaning service and they will do the following:

  • use an industrial vacuum to pull clogs and waste from the sewer lines
  • use a jetting system with high-pressured water to clear lines 
  • use chemical sprays within the sewer line to breakdown stubborn clogs
  • use a pumping system to excavate sewage into a tank carried by a truck

Sewer cleaning professionals take time to keep the area around your property sanitary. 

When sewer issues happen, this can leave your restaurant property in a hazardous condition. However, sewer cleaning professionals usually have staff on hand to clear the area to make it safe again after sewage overflows. You should always expect the sewer cleaning professionals to clear the area of any debris after they perform repairs or maintenance, and most often they use a sanitizing solution to spray the ground and eliminate bacteria. 

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