Making Construction Easier

4 Reasons To Schedule Your Marina's Marine Construction Projects For The Fall

Owning a marina on the Great Lakes involves constant maintenance and upkeep, and some projects require hiring a marine construction firm. For instance, marinas must occasionally dredge channels and make extensive repairs to docks -- both things that marina's themselves don't specialize in. If you operate a marina on Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan or Lake Superior, the fall is a great time of year to hire a marine construction firm for projects like these. Here's why.

The Recreational Boating Season is Coming to an End

On the Great Lakes, the recreational boating seasons is primarily during the summer months. While a few boaters might still use their watercraft in September, October and November, the number of boaters who keep their boat in the water after Labor Day and after school starts up is much less than the number of boaters who keep their boats in slips during the summer.

Thus, by scheduling your marina's marine construction projects during fall, you will inconvenience fewer boaters. Even if you still have a few boaters using your facilities, you can cluster these boats in one section and have the construction firm begin work on another section.

Barges Stay Near to Shore

Because parts the Great Lakes freeze during the winter, many markers are taken out of the water in the fall. Without these seasonal buoys marking shoals and rocks, it's unsafe for large boats and barges to go out on the lakes. Thus, many marine construction companies try to do projects near shore -- and not out on islands -- during the fall. Since marinas are almost all on the mainland, marina construction projects are perfect for this time of year.

Work is Easier Before the Lakes Freeze

It's often easier for marine construction companies to work before the lakes freeze. Once ice comes, they're unable to move barges that hold the equipment used during construction projects, and dredging is impossible because ice will block the boat's path. Therefore, almost all construction on the Great Lakes needs to be finished before winter comes and ice begins to form. The fall months provide enough time to do construction projects before this happens.

Facilities Can Be Repaired Before Winter

During winter, the snow and ice that come with the cold can wreak havoc on a marina's facilities. If your marina's docks and other facilities are in need of repair, they might not be able to survive winter without being fixed beforehand. Taking care of issues in the fall, rather than the spring, will ensure you only need to repair existing structures -- and not rebuild completely destroyed ones.

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