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3 Tips To Help Give Your Dock A Comfortable Water Resistant Surface

With the summer months here, you may be enjoying more time on a lakefront property. This also means that there is a lot of maintenance that may have been neglected over the winter months. You may want to give a dock a new service for summer enjoyment. There are many different choices of materials that you can consider for a new dock surface, but some are more comfortable than others. Here are some choices you may want to consider to give your dock a new surface this summer:

1. Installing A Soft Recycled Rubber Surface For Safety And Comfort

Rubber surfaces can be a great solution for your dock. These materials are green and environmentally friendly materials made out of recycled tires and other rubber products. Today, you also have a choice of different colors and styles for your dock surface. When you have this material installed, you will need to have some type of impermeable decking material installed beneath, which can be corrugated metal, treated lumber or composite materials designed for these types of applications.

2. Durable Composite Lumber For A Comfortable Surface With Conventional Wood Look

Composite materials can be another great choice if you want to have a more conventional wood look for your dock. Composite lumber has improved in recent years and it is denser and can resemble high-quality tropical woods. The difference is that it costs a lot less, is easier to install and is environmentally friendly. Using a composite decking will also give you a comfortable and safe surface for your lakefront recreation.

3. Lightweight Concrete With A Finish Of Comfortable Outdoor Carpet For An Attractive Look

Another option that you may want to consider for your dock is outdoor carpeting. This does not have to be the unsightly green carpets that you may be familiar with. Today, outdoor carpeting can be as attractive as any carpeting you have installed inside your home. These materials can be installed over a lightweight concrete surface to give you an attractive dock. This is a great option if your dock is part of a boat house or launch and used for many different recreational and entertainment purposes.

These are some of the options that you may want to consider to give your dock a comfortable surface to enjoy this summer. If you are ready to start improving your dock, contact a building materials service and talk with them about a new surface and other building materials for your dock improvements.