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How To Repair The Exterior Walls Of A Brick Chimney

Maintaining the brick and and grout lines on the exterior of your chimney is very important. If the grout between the bricks gets loose, the bricks can get weakened. Also, this can let water into your chimney and compromise the entire structure. This why you need to get up on your roof every once in a while and make sure your grout and bricks are sealed. This article explains how to fix brick chimneys with loose grout.

Prepping the Grout Lines

First, you need to get on the roof and give your chimney a close inspection. You can use your fingers or a screwdriver to check for loose grout. You want to pull out any that is loose. You should also take up a hand brush so you can brush any dirt out of the cracks.

Using the Right Grout

This job is much easier if you use the right type of grout. You shouldn't just use grout mix. Instead, use premixed grout. It works better in small portions because it is more adhesive. It is also much more convenient to use because you don't need to spend time mixing it. You need a float and sponge to properly apply the grout. Use a rubber float to spread the grout and make sure it gets pushed all the way to the back of the brick, filling in any gaps. Then use a slightly damp tiling sponge to wipe the grout lines until they are smooth and even with the existing lines. This is your chance to make the new grout blend with the old grout.

Sealing and Finishing the Job

After you fix the holes in your grout lines, you should seal the entire chimney. Exterior brick sealant will work to protect the grout and brick from water damage. Sealant comes in liquid forms and it is sold in large bottles. You can soak a wet rag in the sealant and then wipe it onto the chimney. If possible, you can make it even easier by transferring the sealant to a spray bottle and then spraying it directly onto the brick. Either way, you want to get complete coverage over the brick and grout. You should wait for the first coat to dry completely and then apply a second coat. This will help to waterproof your chimney and protect the grout lines. This job is easy, so you should do it before your chimney starts to lose bricks.

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