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Four Unique Fireplace Ideas For Your Living Room

Nothing adds warmth and comfort to a living room like a fireplace. While most people picture a basic, brick fireplace built into a wall when they think of fireplaces, the reality is that this is just one of many options. Here's a look at four more unique fireplace ideas for your living room.

Freestanding, two-sided fireplace

If you have a large living room, a good way to make the fireplace the center of attention is to place a freestanding fireplace in the middle of the room. This fireplace can be made from bricks or concrete; a classic, rectangular shape looks lovely. The fire can be built in the middle of the fireplace and viewed from openings on two sides. If you want to divide your living room into two "areas," such as a sitting area and a yoga area, the fireplace can serve as the dividing line between the two.

Raised fireplace

Instead of building the fireplace directly on the ground, why not locate it partway up the wall? This works best with a gas fireplace, since lifting the wood off the ground a few feet can get tiring -- but it's an option with a wood fireplace, too, if this lifting does not bother you. The wall beneath and to the side of the fireplace will have to be made from a heat-resistant material like bricks or stone.

Corner fireplace

Building a fireplace into the corner of a room is a good way to conserve space. You'll have more wallspace for furniture and artwork, and the fireplace will sit in a corner that would probably otherwise be wasted space. The fireplace itself will have a triangular shape since it sits in the corner. The front edge can be either straight or circular, based on your preferences. The top of the fireplace will have a unique triangle or ice cream cone shape, making it an interesting place to display your nick knacks.

Enclosed glass fireplace

A floor-to-ceiling structure made from heat-resistant glass and housing your fireplace gives your home an artistic, minimalist look. The structure can be made from several glass panels with metal dividers between them. One panel will hinge open, allowing you access to the fire. You'll be able to see the fire from all sides, so it will add warmth and comfort to every corner of the room.

Talk to a construction expert to determine which of these fireplace ideas will work best in your home.