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Answering Routine Driveway Maintenance Questions

It is relatively common for homeowners to be uninformed about the needs of their driveways. Unfortunately, this can make this part of your home more prone to experiencing a number of problems. In addition to degrading the appearance of your home, these issues can also cause damage to the tires and suspension of cars that drive on the driveway. If you find yourself unsure of how to properly care for your driveway, understanding the answers to the following two pavement maintenance questions will help you to ensure the driveway lasts for as long as possible.

How Should You Handle Pavement That Is Cracking?

One day, you might notice that the pavement is starting to develop a number of small cracks in it. While this may not seem particularly problematic, these cracks will continue to worsen until they are repaired. During the repair process, a contractor will fill the cracks with a compound that can bond to the rest of the pavement. As this substance dries and cures, it will harden enough to prevent the pavement from continuing to crack. Sadly, some homeowners will make the critical error of delaying this type of repair. If this issue is not addressed, the cracks can become severe enough to require removing the existing pavement and pouring a new layer.  

Can Erosion Ruin The Pavement?

Erosion is another frequent problem for paved driveways because the loss of soil underneath the pavement can severely weaken the driveway. In addition to causing cracks to form, this issue can also contribute to the formation of deep potholes and the loss of entire sections of the driveway.

To avoid the worst consequences of this problem, you will have to regularly conduct a thorough visual inspection of the soil around the driveway. When it is evident that the soil around the edges of the driveway has started to erode, you will need to either install a gutter or French drain. These upgrades will help divert water away from the driveway, which can drastically reduce the problems that are caused by uncontrolled erosion.

Getting the most from a home's driveway requires homeowners to be as informed as possible about the maintenance needs of this part of the home. By being aware of how pavement cracks should be handled as well as quickly addressing erosion, you can help make sure that your driveway stays in the best condition possible regardless of the stress and strain that it must experience. Contact your local paving contractor to learn more.