Making Construction Easier

Customize Your Fireplace To Fit Your Home

Unless you had a custom home built to fit your design personality, odds are good that at some point you will do some remodeling. This could be small things, like painting or changing the carpet to match your furniture, or major changes like knocking out walls. If there is a fireplace in the house, you may be wondering what to do with it. If you use it to have a fire, you may wish it had a different look, if you don't use it for fires, you can turn it into a number of different things.

Change the Look

Sometimes a fireplace needs nothing more than a bit of maintenance and repair to make it look great in a room. You can contact a mason to give the piece an overhaul. However, if your brick fireplace with a crown-molding mantle does not fit in with the look and feel of the room, make some changes. You can paint the bricks or cover them with ceramic tiles. You could also have a piece of sheet metal cut to fit over them. When it comes to the mantle, you can take it down, use a piece of stained and polished wood, or give it the same treatment you gave the bricks. The hearth can be redone the same way as well, or you may choose to take it out and tile the floor in front of the fireplace.

Change the Purpose

While it might be a fireplace now, you can make a few adjustments to turn it into something else. If you are short on storage space, add some shelves in the fire area and some doors to the front of it. If you want to display things, leave off the doors. This can make a nice bookcase. Place a short, rectangular planter in the firebox and turn it into a small garden. You can even arrange grow lights around the firebox to help keep your garden growing all year long. Of course, you can always use it for a bit of ambience, place some flowers and a few candles inside. This can create a nice focal point for the room whether the candles are lit or not.

Do not feel you have to adjust your décor to fit around a fireplace. Place your furnishings, arrange everything the way you want them, and then take a bit of time, and use your imagination, to fit the fireplace to your home. For assistance, visit sites like