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Keeping Electric Sliding Doors Working Without Incident

If you had just had electric sliding doors placed in your business' entryway, your customers are most likely appreciative of being able to walk in and out without needing to reach for a knob or push bar to get through the doorway. This is a benefit that helps you retain your customer base as they will be able to utilize the door while holding large packages. To keep your doors working as they should, a couple of tests should be done regularly. This will allow the doors to work without risk of unfortunate downtime. Here are two tests to do routinely to make sure your sliding doors work without incident.

Check The Opening And Closing Speed

Walk up to your business doors each day to see how quickly they open and close. This should be regularly monitored so there is no chance of someone getting injured while going in our out of your establishment. Walk at a normal pace and note whether you need to quicken your step to scoot through the opening before the doors shut. Also make a note as to whether you need to hesitate to wait for doors to open. Observe customers as they come in and out of your building to see if they need to alter the pace of their walk in any way. If this is noticed, call a repair service to tweak the timing on the sliding of the doors.

Do Regular Evaluations Of The Sensor

Since electric doors work with a sensor feature, this should be regularly monitored to make sure it is not obstructed or faulty in any way. If a sensor isn't working, you need to call for a repair immediately. There could be an accident where someone becomes hurt by a door that shuts prematurely, or the doors may remain shut, forcing customers to find another way out of your building.

To test the sensor, hold a cane or umbrella in your hand, reach it into the doorway when the doors are open, and pass it over the sensor bar as the doors are beginning to close. If the sensor bar does not recognize the item, it will close on it. If the doors do open back up, leave the item in the path for several seconds to see if they remain open. If not, this would signify the need to power off your sliding door system and call for repair. 

For assistance with your commercial sliding doors, call a professional.