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How To Use A Chisel To Cut Pavers

If you plan on installing pavers on your own, you need to know how to cut or chisel pavers down to size. This skill will help you when you run into corners, curves, posts or pipes that you need to work around.


In order to cut your pavers down to size, you will need to purchase a few different tools. You will need a cold chisel, a bolster or masonry chisel, and a two or three pound rubber-headed hammer. You will also need a pencil, a tape measure or ruler, safety goggles and gloves.

Measure The Paver

The first thing you are going to need to do is measure where you want the paver to go. Then, you are going to need to use a ruler to make marks on your paver so you know where to cut it. Use can use a pencil to mark where the paver needs to be cut.

Score The Paver

Next, you'll need to score the paver along the pencil lines that you drew. You can do this by taking the cold chisel, and pressing it down along the lines that you made. This will make the lines you made a little deeper on the paver and create an indent where the lines are.

Secure The Paver

Once you've scored the paver, you'll want to put it on a soft surface before the next step. This will help keep the paver in place when you cut away the unwanted sections. You can place it on the grass, in a pile of soft dirt or sand, or on top of a carpet square.

Use The Bolster

Next, take the bolster and line it up with the score you made on the paver. The edge of it should line up with the edge of the score. Then, take your rubber hammer in the other hand, and strike the top of the bolster. Continue striking the top of the bolster with the hammer until the stone breaks along the line you made all the way through the stone.

Finish With The Cold Chisel

If there are any rough edges, you can get rid of them with a cold chisel. Just place the cold chisel where the rough edges are, and gentle hit it with the rubber hammer to remove them. This method is great for removing small sections of pavers that didn't come off with the bolster.

When you install your new pavers, use the method outlined above to cut any pavers that don't fit correctly down to size. If you need additional help, contact a concrete contractor like Robert R. Andreas & Sons Inc.