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Kitchen Upgrades That Can Accommodate For Physical Limitations

If you have physical limitations, some tasks in the kitchen might seem impossible. With a few simple remodeling projects, you can make your kitchen more accessible even with limited mobility or injury. Here are four kitchen remodeling ideas for those who suffer from some sort of physical limitation and need to adapt their home to accommodate.

1. Lower Cabinets and Shelving

If your cabinets and shelving are too high, these might cause strain when reaching. Change your kitchen arrangement by installing shelving and cabinets at levels that work better for your limitations. A pantry-style cabinet will put your supplies at a reachable level. Shelving beneath existing cabinets can hold your everyday items so these are at your fingertips and it won't be an ordeal every time you need a salad bowl.

2. Levers on Faucets and Doors

Knobs on faucets and doors can be a nightmare if you have unsteady hands or joint pain. If knobs can be replaced with lever fixtures, sinks and doors can much more accommodating. This can be a quick project, but can easily be done by a contractor or handyman if you're suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel and cannot install yourself.

3. Easy to Open Drawers

Pulling on heavy or sticky drawers can cause strain on already damaged joints and ligaments in one's upper arms, hands, or shoulders. If you can upgrade your cabinets to have easy sliding drawers, these will glide open with little effort and won't cause any strain. If your drawers are older and are a hassle to pull open, a drawer upgrade will lessen any straining.

4. Functional Fridge Access

If kneeling or bending over causes strain to your back and knees, your fridge might not be doing you any favors. It might be time to switch this up and get a fridge with the freezer on the bottom. This way, common items that you grab out of the fridge will be at eye level and won't force you to lean down every time you need to grab the lettuce. Depending on sizing, you may need to work with a contractor if your fridge space needs to be widened to accommodate.

Don't let physical limitations make you throw in the towel when it comes to basic tasks in the kitchen. There are accommodations out there that can make kitchen tasks doable again. Work with a general contractor, such as Americom Construction Co Inc, so that they can suggest other specific upgrades for your kitchen depending on your limitations.