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Protect Your Draperies From The Sun This Summer

Your draperies represent a significant investment. By providing color and by protecting the room from the harsh effects of the sun, your draperies are a significant player in the visual landscape of your home's interior. Yet even as your drapes are protecting your home from damaging UV rays, they could be succumbing to sun damage themselves. Over time, your drapes could become faded and may even rot from regular, constant UV exposure. These tips will help you protect your drapes and preserve their appearance for years to come. 

Add Drapery Liner

Drapery liners come in two types: standard and light canceling. Light canceling liners will effectively shut out the light and darken the room, while standard liners mostly serve to protect drapes without really doing much else for the room. Light canceling liners are much more heavy duty and may last longer, but they can also create deep darkness in broad daylight, and will have a significant impact on the appearance of the room. 

Use Sheers

Sheers allow light to filter into the room but still offer some protection from UV rays. If you like to admit sunlight into your room but would like to protect your drapes, sheers may be the best option for you. 

Pick the Right Color

Dark colors absorb sunlight, whereas light colors reflect ir. Dark colors, therefore, are often more likely to be affected by constant exposure to the sun, while lighter drapes have a natural ability to resist the effects of the sun. In addition, light drapes have a smaller range of value. In other words, light colors can't fade as much because they're already quite light. Therefore, fading in light colors is less likely to be noticed. When picking draperies in rooms with southern and western exposures, the best options will be light-colored drapes. 

Coat Your Windows to Protect the Interior from UV Rays

Clear UV protective window coatings are relatively common now and are useful for protecting your entire interior from UV rays. These coatings also come in tinted options, which would allow you to leave your draperies open and admit some sunlight without brightening the room to an uncomfortable degree. This puts less pressure on your drapes to cancel out the sunlight and gives you the option of leaving drapes open at the harshest time of day, pushed to the side of the track where they get less sun exposure. 

Following this advice, you can protect your drapes from sunlight. For more tips, speak with a customer service representative when purchasing your drapes, or talk to a fabric specialist in advance of buying drapes.