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Select The Right Look For Your New Traditional Home

The great thing about selecting a traditional look for your new home is that you can borrow ideas from other styles of homes. If you want to add a bit of Tuscany or England, you can do just that! If you want to add a contemporary feeling mixed with an old-fashioned look, even that will work. It's all in planning your design. Your architect and your home builder will have the training and the experience to advise you on what will work best.

Keep A File - Divide your file into categories like master bathroom, dining room, kitchen, and so on.

  • Take your camera with you as you drive in neighborhoods and in the countryside. Take pictures of features you love, and add them to your file.
  • In addition, comb through decorating magazines to get ideas. Cut out pictures of favorite features, and add them to your file, too. After all, if you're going to have a window in your kitchen, it might as well be one you fell in love with! A magazine picture might inspire you to have a bay window with a bench for storage and extra seating as part of the design. 

Choosing Your Outdoor Walls - Again, go to your files to see the looks you loved most. Here's are some options to consider.

  • Wood is a timeless and beautiful look. However, remember that it's not fireproof or pest-proof. If you love the look, though, consider vinyl siding which can look like wood. It's weather and insect proof, and it's fade resistant. In addition, it's very affordable, easy to install and easy to repair.
  • Stucco, brick and stone are three other fabulous choices. All of them are durable and beautiful.
  • Consider pairing stucco with brick, or stucco with stone. The contrast will be dramatic and gorgeous.

Choosing The Roof For Your Home - Because you've chosen a traditional home, your choices are great.

  • A shingle roof is very affordable. Today's shingles come in many styles and colors. Consider choosing two complementary colors that will give your roof a different look. Cream and brown are great together, and so are dark gray and black.
  • Choosing a metal roof means that you'll be saving money on electricity and that your roof will last for a very long time. 
  • Consider selecting a tile roof, especially if you want your traditional home to have a touch of Mexico, Tuscany or the southwest. Tile roofs are probably the most expensive ones, but they'll last forever! Roof tiles come in a variety of great colors so you can choose a traditional earth tone or brick red, or you can select something different like turquoise which would be fabulous.

​Good luck with selecting the right look for your new home.

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