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Pallet Storage: 5 Ways To Store Your Wood Pallets

When you are designing the layout of your warehouse, one of the things to consider is how you will store your pallets. Pallets are used often for storing various types of items, so the storage is an important thing to think about. Here are some different ways you can store them.

Block Stacking

One of the most common ways to store pallets in a warehouse is by using the block stacking method. With block stacking, there are blocks or lanes on your warehouse floor, and the pallets are stacked on top of each other in each load. You will have specified heights for the stacks, depending on the weight of each load, the height clearance, and the pallet condition. With this method, the last ones stacked are the first ones removed.

Single-Deep Racks

There are two types of deep pallet rack storage options, including single and double. Single-deep pallet racks are done when you want access to each individual pallet that is stored in the rack. This lets you retrieve any pallet you need, regardless of when it was loaded. If you need to remove older pallets that aren't necessarily the last one stored, you will be able to do so with the single-deep pallet racking method. Once a pallet is removed, another one goes right in that empty space.

Double-Deep Racks

You can also store your pallets with the double-deep racking method. This is similar to the single-deep rack, except there will be two racks of pallets stored together. This can help to reduce how many aisles you need for storing them. To remove the pallets from the racking, you will need a double-reach forklift.

Stacking Frames

If you are storing pallets that can't be stacked, you can use the stacking frames method. With stacking frames, you have posts and decks that can be built or moved as needed. You are able to store them as high as you need, but the pallets aren't actually stacked on top of each other. This is great when you need temporary racking or have heavy loads that can't be stacked.

Drive-in Rack

Your last option is the drive-in rack which is similar to the double-deep racking method, but there are lanes where you can drive the forklift through to remove the loads. Convenience of driving through the lanes is the main benefit to drive-in racking. The disadvantage to this pallet storing option is that you have limited space for moving around and it might take longer to remove the pallets. For assistance, talk to a professional like Tri State Surplus Co.