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Seven Strategies to Dress up and Improve the Look of Your Carport

Make the most of the property around your home, and optimize the looks and function of your carport. These structures are typically constructed from aluminum, and may have a fairly generic appearance to them. Put together something special outside your home with these simple strategies to dress-up your carport:

1. Create Living Space.

An aluminum carport presents the perfect opportunity to create outdoor living space for summertime entertaining. The concrete pad serves as a patio that fits furnishings, fire-pits, and fountains quite well. Add some potted plants for a natural appearance that melds well with the home's surroundings. 

2. Add Climbing Plants.

If you use climbing plants along the sides of your carport, you can create living walls for the space. You can train practically any plant to climb when you use ties to support it as they climb and grow. Roses and ivy are good choices, hardy in most regions.

3. Distinguish with Natural Stonework.

Bring a classic look to the carport with some natural stone. This may include flat beach stone or granite tile bordering the carport or implemented into the pad floor. Consider stacks of stone as pillars that can camouflage and reinforce the structures basic support posts.

4. Bring in a Ceiling Fan.

Install a ceiling fan high up in the pitch of your carport, to bring a breezy, tropical feeling to the space. This looks alluring and adds comfort, even when you only use your carport to park your car!

5. Craft Some Columns.

Turn the four support posts surrounding your carport with some unique columns. These can be crafted around the pre-existing posts, or can be implemented to replace the basic supports. Wood columns bring a classy, durable feature to your carport, that will add curb appeal to your property.

6. Install an Eavestrough.

Most aluminum carports are devoid of a gutter or eavestrough. The truth is, securing an eavestrough around the roof of your carport can preserve the life of the carport, and also guide the water away from those using it.

7. Enclose One Side.

For a great look, consider enclosing one side of your basic carport. This creates an alcove that is ideal for work-benches, garden tenders, and other activities.

Try these seven ideas to give your carport a quick makeover and increase the function of the space. Depending on your budget, you may transform this basic feature into a clever focal point for your entire property. For more information and ideas, contact Sauer & Sons Construction.