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5 Ideas For A White Kitchen

White is the most classic of all the neutral colors. It goes with literally everything. That said, white sometimes needs to be spruced up to keep it interesting. Try one of the following design ideas for your white kitchen.

Colorful Island

An easy update to a classically white kitchen is adding a splash of color. The kitchen island is the perfect place for spicing up your palette. Paint the façade any color you wish, and tie it together with a kitchen rug and an accent piece or two. For cohesive results, keep the countertop the same color for both the island and the rest of the space. For instance, paint the island blue, and have steel-gray granite installed for all the countertops. Besides blue in the rug, echo the color in your crockery, backsplash or even painted spoons.

High-Contrast Palette

Of course, you can always opt for drama in your kitchen. Contrast the white walls and cabinets with the most contrasting color, black granite for the countertops. You can even put the color into the hardware on your cabinetry. Stainless steel appliances work well with this color scheme. Add a touch of whimsy with a creative backsplash. Home and Garden TV suggests using found items such as old coins, bottle caps and punched tin ceiling tiles in your backsplash design.

Daring Countertop

Black is not the only option for creating a dramatic countertop in your white kitchen. Granite comes in many colors. According to Better Homes and Gardens, intense shades of green, red and blue are the least common colors. However, utilizing one of these in your kitchen design will create a daring design. While it's not necessary for the rest of the kitchen to stay white, keep any other hues muted.

Airy Ambience

White naturally reflects light, creating an airy ambience. To promote this effect, include a lot of glass in your design. Expand the windows, even replacing your traditional backsplash with glass. Likewise, select a granite countertop that is high-gloss but still light-hued.

Natural Accents

White creates the ideal backdrop for natural accenting. Bring the outdoors into your kitchen with plants in the windowsill and earth-hued accent colors. For instance, select granite countertops in a sandy beige, and include that shade in your kitchen furniture's upholstery. For the backsplash, opt for a unique material, natural stone. Have it installed on your wall in a pattern reminiscent of a stone courtyard. Further the natural appeal with bamboo, shell and wicker décor.

A white kitchen is a classic that blends well with any home's design. Next time you want a kitchen remodeling project, update your white kitchen with color, texture and light to spice up the overall look.