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Three Ways You Can Control Emerald Ash Borers That Are Killing Trees On Your Property

If you have valuable trees like ash trees on your property, they can be the target of many invasive pests, such as the emerald ash borer. These insects nest in these trees and leave larvae behind, which feed on the flesh of the tree as they grow, and eventually kill it. If you live in a zone that has been infected by an invasive species, you may want to take some precautions to protect your property.

Here are three pest control solutions that will help to keep these pests away from your trees:

1. Using Biological Agents To Contain An Infestation

Some biological agents can be used to control invasive insects. Biological agents are usually things like other animals that prey on these insects in their natural habitats. Biological agents can also be native species of predatory animals and insects. It is basically anything that you introduce to control the invasive insects.

These often are natural parasites and fungus that have been tested and naturally feed on the problem insects. These products are controlled, which is why they should only be used by a trained tree service. If you have a severe problem with insects like the emerald ash borer, you may want to contact a service and ask them about using biological agents to control the insects attacking your trees.

2. Attracting Natural Predators To Feed On Invasive Insects

There are also some natural predators that can be used to feed on problem insects. If they are a foreign species, these are considered biological agents. There are often native animals like woodpeckers, which feed on these insects. You can try to attract these animals to trees where ash borers have killed the tree.

This can give the birds a place to nest and help to control the insects. Natural predators can also be used on trees that are not too close to your property and health trees. Birds like woodpeckers feed on these insects, and which you may try using bird boxes and nesting houses to attract the animals that eat these insects.

3. Chemical Treatment For Emerald Ash Borer Insects

Some pest control chemicals are sold commercially to help prevent the spread of invasive insects. These products usually need to be applied to the roots of the tree in early spring to prevent insects from feeding on healthy trees during the growing season.

Most of these products will only help to prevent a problem with the emerald ash borer, and will not be effective in treating an existing problem where the insects have already begun to feed on the trees. This can also be a preventive method of control that you can use on healthy trees that have not been infested yet.

These are some things that you can do using pest control methods to prevent invasive insects like the emerald ash borer from killing trees on your property. If you need help with an insect infestation, contact a professional service to help you control the problem before it becomes too big.