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Five Benefits Of Installing A Privacy Fence To Hide Your Garbage Cans

Every week, millions of Americans drag their garbage cans out to the street for a routine pickup and then put them back up against a wall once they are empty. Unfortunately, although they are a necessary part of life, these cans are both unsightly and a major draw for pests, bringing down the appeal of your home whenever they are in sight. Installing a small privacy fence around your garbage cans can help resolve these problems in the five following ways. 

Improving Your Home's Aesthetics

No one likes to be reminded of trash, and garbage cans can be a large, constant blemish on your yard. Like other tools and equipment, they create a sense of clutter and mess that even the best landscaping cannot fix. Instead of leaving your trash cans out in the open, hiding them behind a privacy fence can greatly improve the appearance of your house, keeping your garbage out of both sight and mind. 

Reducing Odor From Garbage

Another common complaint regarding trash cans is their tendency stink by the end of the week. This can become a problem for anyone who has to walk by them regularly, especially when they are stored indoors. A privacy fence, particularly one with a roof, traps odors and also protects your cans from the sun's heat, slowing down the decomposition process of the items inside. 

Freeing Up Yard Space

Most people shy away from unpleasant things like garbage cans, meaning that a sizable part of your yard could become effectively abandoned as visitors avoid going near them. Having a small, fenced-in area designated for items like trash cans gives you more free space to enjoy the rest of your yard.

Protecting Your Garbage From Pests

Animals like raccoons, stray dogs and coyotes are all notorious for knocking over trash cans to get to the food inside. Even the tallest fence can't keep out a persistent raccoon, but the confined space will prevent the cans from tipping over. By storing them securely, you will never need to worry about putting pest-proof locks on your garbage cans again. 

Storing Other Items

Of course, depending on its size, your privacy fence can also be used to conceal other important but ugly equipment like rakes, generators and wheelbarrows. Talk to your contractor about how much space you will need and how to best incorporate your fence against the house. With some creative planning, you could end up gaining more space in your yard, deterring pests and making your house more attractive, all at minimal expense and effort. Contact a company like Reyes Fence to get started.